Sunday, May 26, 2019

May 26, 2019

Last year saw a large volume of LGBTQ films submitted in our festival's very first edition. It has always been proof positive that the inclusion and exhibition of such themes create and encourage more filmmakers to incline their advocacies towards the promotion and protection of the LGBTQ rights and SOGIE education for the general public. In our SHORT FILM category alone, Juan Pablo Pineda's coming of age film PUA IYAM was awarded Best Film and Best Performance for its lead actor Rowi Du. 

A guy named Ken will discover his true identity over a book entitled “Pua Iyam” by confessing his love and affection to his childhood friend named Miko
PUA IYAM is a film that is something close to my heart, a product of pure blood and sweat of each and everyone in my production pool. I have to commend all those who have supported me in my college life - my family, my friends, my mentors who never gave up on me. There are reasons why I should not give up - my goals and my brother (who's in a comatose condition). As soon as he wakes up I would like to give these awards to him. This film says it all how I fought through hard and good times, how I survived college, how I chased dreams, and how I made things possible for me and my production team. 
- Juan Pablo Pineda III, Filmmaker, Pua Iyam  

For our 2020 Edition, we encourage filmmakers to submit more. We want to encourage LGBTQ  filmmakers to create more. We wish to see more stories and creations for the LGBTQ community, around the world.


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