Sunday, June 2, 2019

June 02, 2019

Bebs Gohetia's CHASING WAVES (2018 Dreamanila Awardee for Technical Excellence)
DREAMANILA International Film Festival was birthed in the most challenging foundational principles and in the most trying unavailability of logistics and resources. It was originally a huge event that could have happened in one of the most paradisiacal location in the Philippines. But it almost became, not a fulfilled dream, but a nightmare that was the Fyre Festival of film festivals. It was December 2018, and funding and support were still falling through. Scheduling, the most basic element of any event, seems nosediving into a pit of uncertainty. 

There was no way a festival planned neatly for over a year could just implode without ourselves breathing even the thinnest air into it. It was passion. It was dedication. And the honor to commit to a united goal. Dreamanila may have had a difficult pregnancy and labor, but it was birthed, alright. We had good friends who came to our rescue. And on that day that stretched into more days and nights, Dreamanila struggled through screening carefully programmed film features from the Philippines and the most exotic locations in the world. It came through over delayed orders of pizza and pasta - and the way we hushed through the flickers of a nicely projected and newly minted screens of its founding theater, the Dream Theater, we all whispered into the courageous December winds - that Dreamanila actually survived and would continue to be curated and held, armed with lessons and deeply embedded faith to World Cinema, the Dreamanila Group vows to convene and reunite for a better edition.

This is why, for no fear of no-association, Dreamanila will be coming in May 20, 2020 to its new home. Dreamanila will cater to more films in the widest array of criteria and selections. We will re-honor the films and their filmmakers of Dreamanila 2018 that shone into the dark corners of our uncertainties and confusions, but remained tranquil and associative. We will emerge. We will make a common cause. We will be more mature and cooperative, and much friendlier. We are open to corporate sponsors, co-partnership, renewals, and support in all forms.

 Because we love capturing the glory of cinema. And with our dreams, from Manila to the world, we remain faithful and unwavering. If we keep on believing, the DREAM that we wish will come true.


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