Saturday, March 6, 2021

March 06, 2021

With over 500 entries so far submitted and previewed, the Dreamanila International Film Festival is set on November 19-21 this year. Granted the pandemic provisionally ends before these dates, and events in the Philippines will be conducive to be held in physical venues - the 3rd edition of the festival is tentatively scheduled as mentioned.

The expanded deadline is furthered and given new periods that will end on September 30, 2021. Notification will follow suit 30 days later. The awards remain as follows:  Best Film, Best Performance, Best Director, Grand Jury Award, Special Jury Prize, Best Screenplay, Achievement in Aural and Artistic Design, Social Media Award, Audience Award. 

Given that securing funds remain irregular due to the hard blows in Philippine economy, Dreamanila 2021 is still characterized by its humble nature to provide whatever accessible platform it can possibly gather. The online edition may still continue depending on the provisionality of the state of the global health crisis, and the financial capability of the festival.    

What remains is our fervent hope to create and reach out to audiences worldwide, and to introduce and reintroduce film talents and voices. 


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