Dreamanila International Film Festival had only one live physical screening edition that was held during its inception at the Dream Theater of the then Carl Balita Productions, City of Manila in 2009. It featured 15 films all screened with modest number of attendees. Independently, it was supposed to be held again for a live audience in March 2020, but then the pandemic lockdown happened. With over 30 films, in competition, the second edition was entirely held online via Facebook Live Streaming platform. Projecting the pandemic would be manageable 18 months later, the 3rd and present edition was expected to finally be held in a physical venue, but as we have come to know of the present condition, the Philippines remains hard-hit by the COVID-19 situation, and so on November 19-21, Dreamanila 2021 will still be projected via the internet, on our YouTube channel via Livestreaming, with hopes that in the future, it will be gloriously reinstated in its rightful and most festive mode.  

Dreamanila remains to be solely supported by Film Freeway and The Dreamanila Group. On its 3rd year, filmmaker and writer, Archie Del Mundo continues as the Executive Festival Director. Mostly operating from minimal entry fees. Dreamanila persists even with zero expenditures and virtually nonexistent corporate and cultural grants, given the inherent difficulty of raising funds during this time of uncertainties.  The 2021 Jury Panel and Board Members are composed of award-winning filmmakers Joselito Altarejos, Lemuel Lorca, and film scholars Jerrick David and Robert Cerda. 

The Dreamanila Group will hold the SECOND EDITION of the DREAMANILA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL on May 22-24, 2020. Dreamanila International Film Festival celebrates the best that world cinema could ever possibly harvest. Currently, the festival still accepts film entries worldwide online via Filmfreeway – considered the world’s most trusted film submission platform. Films (shorts and feature length) produced from 2017-2019 are eligible to join. Revered filmmakers and industry players will be invited to select winners among intensively programmed entries.

Founder and Festival Director Archie Del Mundo said that Dreamanila is a film festival that does not just exist to provide screening venues, but also fosters creative and professional support to masters and emerging filmmakers to showcase their films to the world with the purest and most creative visions and intentions. The Festival features a host of screenings, symposium panels, educational programs and workshops, Q&A portions, and marketing and distribution assistance.

Del Mundo added, “Manila, as the Philippines’ most exciting historical capital, will provide sociocultural exchange of ingenuity, concepts, and market-building potentials for cultural artists and workers. Dreamanila will guarantee a conducive place for audiences and filmmakers to engage with one another.”
 In 2018, the founding edition of Dreamanila International Film Festival showcased over 30 films – 15 shorts and 15 films – both screened live and online among jurors and attendees at the then newly installed CBRC Dream Theater in Espana, Manila. This year, Dreamanila will be projected and carpet-rolled in its new home.

Tapped as the Creative and Marketing Director, filmmaker and entrepreneur Charliebebs Gohetia, whose film competed last year, made a throwback to the inaugural film event. “Filmmakers from USA to Iran, and as far and as exotic as Nigeria to homeland Philippines participated last year. On our 2nd edition, we intend to triple our selections and multiply our venues with the help of sponsors and hosts.”

Award winning filmmaker Joselito Altarejos assumed the position of Head Programmer and Cultural Exchange Director. He shares, “the heart of the Festival continues to beat in order to establish a wider reach in discovering more independent filmmakers with ardency of collective, fundamental, and original visions. We will greatly appreciate your support so this massive and significant endeavor can push through with its advocacies.”
DREAMANILA 2020 is hosted by the THE DREAMANILA GROUP and its fostering local government.

Welcome to DREAMANILA 2020: The 2nd Annual Dreamanila International Film Festival  from May 22-24.

Experience World Cinema. Experience the best in Manila


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